EUAM Ukraine - For Civilian Security Sector reform
28/05/2017 18:05:24
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There are two main EU bodies operating in Ukraine: EUAM Ukraine, and the European Union Delegation to Ukraine.

European Union Delegation to Ukraine

The Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine was opened in the centre of Kyiv in September 1993.

Starting from 1 December 2009 with the Lisbon Treaty entering into force, the Delegation of the European Commission is transformed into the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine.

The Delegation in Kyiv is one of over 130 European Union Delegations around the world.

The Delegation has the status of a diplomatic mission and officially represents the European Union in Ukraine.

The institutions of the European Union are the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors.

Today the European Union is made up of 28 Member States, has a population of around 500 million and is the largest trading bloc in the world.

The Delegations mandate includes the following:

Head of Delegation: Hugues MINGARELLI


101 Volodymyrska St. ( see map)
Kyiv, 01033 Ukraine
Phone: +380 (44) 390 8010

E-mail: (Press & Information Section)